Liguria and Surroundings



Ligurian villages are precious treasures that preserve an authentic lifestyle. Traveling to discover these small villages means immersing yourself in the wonder of hidden territories. The ancient walls that surround them and the alleys that cross them are guardians of ancient knowledge that is handed down and told with passion by those who live there and liven them daily.


Visiting a Ligurian village means living an experience which combines the beauty of artistic works, churches, museums and architectural styles with the charm of unexpected encounters, convivial moments and delicious food in a small universe on a human scale. A discovery travel which has to be lived slowly, and that allows you to rediscover that harmony with the surrounding environment that is too often lost living in the big cities.

In the Ligurian villages, identity, knowledge and crafts are preserved, a tangible and intangible heritage of history that is unique in the world. These small realities are able to raise the quality of a trip because entering into direct contact with local communities develops in the traveler the awareness of the origins of a place and the desire that those habits and customs continue to be respected.


The Ligurian villages are a means for the personal enrichment of every single traveler and they are able to give everyone the experience of an authentic dimension of life in contact with nature and history.


A Liguria’s point of view perhaps less known but equally surprising and fascinating, discover it with these itineraries close to Luisavillas.