Luisavillas - Altare - Millesimo - Luisavillas



Leave Luisavillas and follow highway A10/E80 to Genoa: in Savona, change onto highway A6/E717 to Turin and get the exit for Altare.


Altare was founded by Bénédictine monks, coming from Bergeggi’s island, around the XII century. They imported here from France activities linked to production and manufacture of glass. These activities were continuously performed through the centuries until nowadays, reaching more then 200 master glaziers at the beginning of the XV century.


The Museum of “Arte Vetraia Altarese” preserves and displays an exceptional heritage of artistic glass objects and it is the reposition of a thousand-years-old tradition.


Go back on highway A6/E717 to Turin, in 15 km get the exit for “Millesimo”. This village was founded by Marquis Del Carretto in 1206.


The symbol of this Ligurian village is the Gaietta’s bridge, also called “the old bridge”: it is one of the last examples of medieval – fortified bridges. It was built in the XII century.


Not far away from the old bridge there’s the castle, built by Enrico II in order to protect the village, and the church sacred in 1467 by Pietro Del Carretto, first bishop of Alba, now owned by the monks of Sant’Antonio Abate.


Just outside the old – town there’s Santa Maria Extra Muros (it’s name actually means “outside the walls”): it’s a basic – plant Romanesque church of the XII century.


Getting back on highway A6/E717 heading to Genova, then highway A10/E80 heading to Ventimiglia, you’ll be back in Luisavillas in about 30 minutes.