Luisavillas - Laigueglia - Cervo - Luisavillas



Leaving Luisavillas, follow highway A10/E80 towards Ventimiglia, then get the exit for “Andora”. Following the STR Castello you’ll reach Laigueglia, a small village with roman origins.


With its carruggi, little squares just next to the sea, and the pink-lilac tones of the houses, in the shadows of the monumental baroque church of San Matteo, with its two bell towers surmounted by coloured majolica domes, Laigueglia preserves the charm of an old fishing village that most of the Ligurian coastal villages has lost. The ancient soul has remained intact, it continues to be seen in its little squares, alleys and colours, and in its Saracen tower of 1564.


Next to the parish the oratory of Santa Maria Maddalena (1616-34) has to be visited. It belonged to the Disciplinanti congregation. Thanks to a staircase that climbs from Via Aurelia you can reach the solitary chapel of Madonna delle Penne, built by the Catalan coral fishermen in the XVII century.


Ex voto of sailors and fishermen can be find in the church of the Immacolata (1661), recently recovered.


Continuing on the road SS1 “Via Aurelia” you’ll arrive in Cervo, or “castrum Cervi” in Latin, a fortress and fief of the Marquises of Clavesana, who built also the castle and the mighty walls in the XII century.


In the shadows of the narrow alleys, between high arches and breathtaking ups and downs, you find palaces of the XV – XVI centuries, the majestic and baroque church of San Giovanni Battista, called “dei Corallini”, the ancient parish dedicated to San Giorgio di Cappadocia, and the oratory of Santa Caterina, suffocated by buildings that in the Middle Ages, due to lack of space and defense reasons, were leaning against each other.


Returning onto highway A10/E80, heading to Genoa, you’ll be back at Luisavillas in 40 minutes.